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Importance of Internship in Professional Life

Internship-in-Singapore.jpgInternship roles must ideally be an essential part of any organization. Thus, its purpose must be in accordance with the organization’s viewpoint and practice so that it can help in productivity, proceeds and staffing objectives. These practices of internships present the students of the particular real world insights and contacts to actual professional life, a practical, establishment to their career options, and the opportunity to make valuable business systems.

An online job portal named as Stroff in Singapore, leads the jobseekers to their career goals by sharing career management insights as well as professional development instructions through the social media communities and individual interactions. They make an impression by actively involving with jobseekers in addition to the companies to completely recognize their thoughts, challenges and … Read more


What Is HIV PEP?

3Sexually transmitted disease is one of the main reasons that someone may contract HIV. The solution to such a situation is administering HIV PEP; it stands for HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis. It contains a proper combination of 3 antiretroviral drugs; at least. They maximize the suppression of HIV virus as well as prevent the progression of the disease. Many clinics like HIV PEP Singapore Clinic have the necessary facilities to render diagnosis and treatment.

The time limit to commence PEP is within first 24 hours from the moment of exposure. Though it can still be useful up-till 72 hours after exposure, but it is better to start as soon as possible, but there are no absolute windows after which this procedure must be withheld. When … Read more


What makes the IB programme in Singapore worth opting?

iStock_000009265499XSmallThe teaching methodology in the earlier times was never a decision factor. Almost all schools were meant to teach the basics to the kids and there were not many schooling options available too. Thus doesn’t hold true now. Parents are finding ample options and most of these options are the workable options. Schools follow different curriculums and most of them are country specific. There is nothing wrong in studying the company specific syllabus, but the problem arises when you shift from one country to another. Also, in case of higher studies you need uniformity of syllabus. This can be achieved with the help of a uniform international syllabus or IB. IB Programme in Singapore is also quite common and most of the students find this … Read more