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3 Trends To Guide In Commercial Design For Interior

3 Trends To Guide In Commercial Design For InteriorThe recent few years have seen a rise in innovations in the interior design industry. Art movements, shifts in public opinion, and new heroes for the field have emerged and changed the way people look at commercial spaces. On this list are three very distinct trends in interior commercial design that brings excitement back to designers and their clients.

  • Eco-Friendly Design

There is a global concern to how human movement impacts the planet at large. This has given rise to kind of interior design that puts prime importance on sustainability. Interior commercial design that takes into account energy saving and the use of low carbon footprint material has pushed many designers further.

The eco-friendly design doesn’t just benefit the aesthetic but economics of any space. Through eco-friendly commercial design, structures are able to cut running costs and maximize utilities such as water and electricity. Overall, it’s a win-win for the clients and the planet.

  •  Minimalism

As the world has gone noisier in the past few years, there has been some need for solace. In the world of interior design, this manifested in a rise in minimalist design. Negative space, undersigned design, and multi-functional aspects have led to interior design concepts where less is less, and that’s good. For designers, this has presented the challenge of creating space without the feeling of emptiness and maximizing the impact of elements.

  • Neutral is the New Black

There is a rise in neutral colors, tones, and shapes in interior commercial design. Tied in with minimalism, there is a greater preference for design that whispers instead of speaks. From offices to large shopping complexes, the use of greys, blacks, and whites is more apparent now.

This again is a response to information and media overload experienced in the past few years. By returning to unoffending spaces and design, neutrals offer respite for tired eyes. Interior design is one of those fields that is never static. As human civilization develop, aspects of our lives change and remold the space we occupy. For any interior commercial designer, these trends can be important guidelines for what works today.

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