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Liberating Sex And Role Of STD Test In Singapore

Liberating Sex And Role Of STD Test In SingaporeWhen it comes to sex and relationships, Sex is a really taboo topic and people shy away from talking about it. Everyone has physical urges and people today engage with more than one partner in sexual nature. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong or immoral. But it’s necessary to be aware of its ill effects. STDs or STIs as most of the people call it is very common and can happen over time if you’re not aware It’s hard to detect it in most cases. STD tests come really handy in that case. People don’t know much about STD test Singapore and that is what we are trying to convey from this article.

There are different tests for different STDs and we will try to break this for you in points here:

  1. STD test for HIV or Syphilis:

You should get STD test for HIV in Singapore if

  • you are tested positive for any other STI.
  • Had sex with multiple persons in the past without any protection.
  • You are a man and had sex with a man.
  • Are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

A blood sample is taken for testing in case of HIV and the reports come back in 2-3 days. For syphilis, the blood test is also taken, but in most of the cases, a swab is taken from genital sores.

  1. STD test for gonorrhea:

You should get STD tested for gonorrhea if

  • You’re a man who had sex with another man.
  • You have HIV
  • You are a sexually active woman under age 25.

STD testing for Gonorrhea is done either through a urine test or through a swab inside the cervix in women or penis in men. STD test Singapore is important because you won’t’ be able to feel the symptoms in most of the cases.

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