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What makes the IB programme in Singapore worth opting?

iStock_000009265499XSmallThe teaching methodology in the earlier times was never a decision factor. Almost all schools were meant to teach the basics to the kids and there were not many schooling options available too. Thus doesn’t hold true now. Parents are finding ample options and most of these options are the workable options. Schools follow different curriculums and most of them are country specific. There is nothing wrong in studying the company specific syllabus, but the problem arises when you shift from one country to another. Also, in case of higher studies you need uniformity of syllabus. This can be achieved with the help of a uniform international syllabus or IB. IB Programme in Singapore is also quite common and most of the students find this syllabus relevant to the today’s needs.

Advantage of IB programme:

Uniformity of syllabus

This is one of the most important benefits of this programme. The IB programme in Singapore is in line with the IB programme offered in all other countries. This is the reason why most of the people opt for this. The uniformity of the syllabus is advantageous when you get the transfer from one country to the other. It is also beneficial for higher studies as you don’t need to give further tests to be in line with the current teaching pattern.

At par with modern requirements

The IB syllabus is designed at par with the modern requirements and the students get future ready with the help of this syllabus. International standards and career requirements are met very well with this curriculum and the students of this school may not be required to undergo further training at the time of pursuing their professional degrees.

Good for transferable profiles

Parents having transferable profiles would find this programme quite beneficial. If you have shifted to Singapore from some other country or even if you are expecting the transfers to take place in your career then the IB programme is good as your child is always at par with the ongoing IB programmes in other countries. This will make it easy for the students to settle down at any location in the world even from middle of the session.

The IB programme is designed to remove the international barriers from the school curriculum and make the students study in the diverse culture to become the actual global students.

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